Four Sigmatic – Protein Plant Based Peanut Butter – 1 Each-21.16 Oz


Plant-based protein with immune-supporting mushrooms & adaptogens. No gums or fillers. Approx. 15 servings. Scoop included. Plant protein perfected. Specially crafted premium protein blend. Coconut and pumpkin seed protein are delicious and smooth hemp and usa-grown pea protein have valuable nutrients. Chia protein adds a nutty flavor and better texture. Organic functional mushrooms. Lion’s mane is your brain’s best friend. Chaga is your daily bodyguard. Reishi is your partner in chill. Cordyceps is your daily rocket fuel. Turkey tail is easy on your gut. Real ingredients. Nothing fake. Made with real peanuts. No gums, fillers, or grains. Organic adaptogens. Ashwagandha helps balance common, everyday stress. Eleuthero adds an oomph to your day without caffeine. Rigorously lab-tested. Deliciously crafted to elevate your day. Inspired by our finnish roots, four sigmatic is upgrading everyday favorites like coffee and protein with premium functional ingredients. We believe elevated wellness should be a delicious and almost-magically easy part of your day.

Weight 1.42 lbs
Dimensions 5.13 × 5.13 × 7 in

Four Sigmatic




95%+, Organic

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