Chebe Bread Products – Bread Mix Original – Case Of 8-7.5 Oz

free from these allergens

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Manioc, Tapioca, Flour, Modified Manioc Starch, 100% Manioc, Dry Milk, Iodine-Free Sea Salt

Chebe gluten-free original cheese bread mix is a delectable mix that will leave you wanting more, even if you don’t have to eat gluten-free. Made from manioc flour, chebe bread is a naturally gluten-free bread from brazil that we decided to bring to the u.s. It is also free of soy, corn, rice, potato, yeast, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, lactose/casein, iodine and sugar. With chebe gluten-free original cheese bread mix, the options are unlimited. Includes 7.5 oz. Box of chebe gluten-free original cheese bread mix. All of our dry mixes and frozen breads prove that gluten-free can taste great without leaving an aftertaste. We think that you’ll agree that it’s delicious by nature.

Weight 4.20 lbs
Dimensions 9.40 × 8.30 × 6.30 in

Chebe Bread Products

Dairy Free

Dairy, Free

Health Diets

Triglycerides Health
, Celiac (No Gluten), Diabetes

, Heart Health

Gluten Free

Free, Gluten

Lifestyle Diets

Gluten Free, Halal, Kosher



Allergens And Concerns

Eggs – None, Fish – None, Nuts – None, Shellfish – None, Soy – None, Tree Nuts – None, Wheat – None

Wheat Free

Free, Wheat

Yeast Free

Free, Yeast

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